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[3/25/20]: The Mashers Club Champion / Horror Movies / The Corona Virus

   It feels morbidly ironic to have the Featured Image of the article be ticket stubs from a movie theater when every theater nationwide has been brought to a standstill in-response to the ongoing Corona virus pandemic. Regardless, Mashers Club strives at nothing, if not morbid irony.

   I have been quieter on some level as of late with Mashers Club on the day to days. I have still written reviews this month on blockbusters like Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker and the Chinese animated film Ne Zha (and I intend to write more reviews for this month in the upcoming days as well), but I have not had the same level of enthusiasm when it comes to discussion and the experience itself.

   It might feel inexcusable given the recent outbreak that has left me isolated in-doors, but I have actually been very active and intent on a new project called Readers Digested. The [RD] website is a horror-branded website that will satiated by bloodhound instincts the same way that Mashers Club offers an avenue for my affections in the entertainment industry as a whole. I recently published my seventh horror novel Lunacy’s Dance and, as you can imagine, that has a lot of synergy with the Readers Digested website. I have interviewed a lot of filmmakers and it has been a rewarding experience overall. Unfortunately, it has taken a lot of my time and attention away from Mashers Club and, also, Mishmashers, but now that I have a better idea of what I am doing with it, that should change for the better.

   In a new decision, I have also decided to start posting my horror movie and video-game reviews exclusively on Readers Digested, which I am doing as a way to assist Readers Digested and let Mashers Club appear to a more general fan-base that is not as interested in movies about murderous gingerbread man as the bloodhounds over at Readers Digested. This is not a permanent exclusion on Mashers Club by any means. Mashers Club is all about the pursuit of entertainment and shaping “The List,” and Horror is a significant part about that. Instead of peppering it in, I decided what I want to do is have October every year on Mashers Club be a downpour of all the reviews I accumulated on Readers Digested. That way, the website is able to celebrate Halloween in a fun, unique way, and Readers Digested is able to have content throughout the year. Everyone wins. I think.

   As of this moment, Mashers Club has over 108 movie reviews available (static page) with Martin Scorsese‘s film The Departed standing proudly above the rest. It is only 17 reviews away from becoming the first official [Select] film for Mashers Club (essentially a Hall of Fame film), but who knows if a film will step up and dethrone it.

   Meanwhile, the Videogame section is at 24 movie reviews total with 16 more reviews needed in-order to crown our first ever Champion. I have not been as interested in gaming as of late. This year I bought a Nintendo Switch and everything, but I have only played a handful of hours. Games I am currently playing include Kingdom Hearts III and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, but I am longing to return to my play-through of Nioh and start Life is Strange 2. I have a backlog of reviews I still need to relocate over to the website (a task I will be working on until my dying day, it seems), and so, watch out for those in the upcoming weeks.

   I hope everyone stays safe and takes proper precaution amid current events, and I hope we will one day look at this, probably not months from now, but maybe years (considering its ramifications) as an awful memory. I will do my best to stay in-touch. Stay tuned for reviews of OnwardBirds of Prey, and other mainstream films, as well as my thoughts on “out there” films like the Indonesian action film Raids Redemption.

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