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[11/19/19]: – New House, New Look

A lot has happened since the last update I gave back toward the end of September commemorating the first month for the Mashers Club website. I haven’t been as on-track with the regular updates as I would have liked, but I do have some very real excuses for that. The last month and a half or so has really been more personally-gauged than about what I’ve done on the website. Whether it be working a full-time job that’s gearing up for the holidays or trying to work on all the novels I want to have made available next year (including a horror, a mystery, a fantasy, and increments of an ongoing crime / black comedy) or, of course, writing my movie and video-game reviews on a regular basis (I usually try to write these and do a lot of  the Mashers Club / behind-the-curtain business on my days off), I’ve tried my best to balance everything the best I can. Unfortunately, and yet, actually, very fortunately, I had another curve-ball thrown my way as well.

Story Time

In August 2018, I began the next chapter of my life and moved out on my own with my fiancee. Although we didn’t have any issues from a financial standpoint (I’ve always been good about money management) or anything like that, we did have a lot of trouble with our living arrangement. I can remember the first month very well, having to clean all the mouse shit and repeatedly shampooing the carpet to try and get the smell of dog piss out (never fully succeeded). I can remember the way the floor vinyl was peeling off and how half the drawers didn’t open because the landlords’ counter-tops drooped over too far. And, you know, we accepted all of that. The rent wasn’t bad and, for a couple’s first home, we were still learning and ready to tough it out. The water damage on the ceiling wasn’t ideal nor was the broken screen-door. I remember, on Thanksgiving, we missed out on cooking any meals because the stove’s heating element broke, and he replaced it with a filthy stove with broken burners his cousin had kept in his shed. The mold in our bedroom from a leak in the walls was a frustration as well, but it was our landlord that eventually made it unbearable. I would work the graveyard shift, and, at the time, my fiancee wasn’t working very many hours. So, oftentimes, I would have her stay with our landlord (while I slept before work) or sometimes even make the phone-calls telling him about some of the issues we’d been having. This was much to the chagrin of our landlord, an older gentleman who believed it wasn’t normal nor tolerable for a woman to call and speak to him about such matters as his trailer. I even remember him threatening to kick us out should said acts continue (did I mention this man was my great uncle?). The man was an absentee landlord that attempted to maximize profit by minimizing spending on maintenance. He used intimidation tactics against his tenants to keep them (us) docile and complacent (I’m defining the word “slumlord” to you).

Although I’m certainly not happy about the whole experience, I did take it on the chin and fought on. I felt stronger and more appreciative of everything I had as a result.

In March 2019, we moved into a new trailer. It wasn’t safe from its own can of worms, however. I’ll preface by saying the experience at this trailer was far better than the last, simply because our landlord was a nice guy. You see, the trailer and, in-fact, the neighboring trailers as well, had a sewage issue that caused this foul odor to fill the house. It was a newly arising issue that worsened dramatically as days turned into months. At best, we became acclimated to the smell, but, at worst and often, it was so foul when I walked in from work, I was met with the strong gush of garbage. It was fixed after three months and it was a disenchanting three months as well. For how much we were paying each month ($200 more a month than the last trailer), we felt like we’d twice been the recipient of the raw-deal. That said, the next five-or-so months were very pleasant for us, and I don’t have very many complaints. Certain things made it better as well, like how our landlord allowed us to have cats (Ashen and Toph!) and, in the end, I left this trailer feeling a lot better than I did the last.

In November 2019, however, we’ve moved out again, and this time, we hope, will be the last (for, at least, a very long time). Instead of a trailer or an apartment, or whatever else we could’ve done, we decided to go contract-for-deed on a house together. So far, it’s going really well. It’s a nice house with plenty of room, and, for the first time, I feel like we actually have a home.

Back on Track

So, that’s what I’ve been doing the last month or so, watching my life savings dwindle and slowly unpacking boxes upon boxes. I haven’t written very many reviews as of late, thus, I’ve coasted more on the backlog of reviews I’d stored up for the Winter (like Ebert the Squirrel), although I did muscle out a review of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night.

revamped the look of the website as well, opting for a new theme I think better compliments the thumbnails and graphics used for the website. It’s something I’ve wanted to do from the very moment I decided on the original theme but I had not been able to settle on one that checked all the boxes I wanted. Some small cosmetic changes will surely follow, but, for now, I hope you enjoy the changes I’ve made. I can some more additions coming in proceeding months as well. One thing in-particular I’ve considered is that, because of all the new room I have now, I might consider trying out a new version of the Podcast. I don’t know what shape it would take or what its regularity would be, but it’s something I’m trying to work out the kinks on.

That’s really all I have for this update. Thanks for reading and I’ll try to follow it up with another update as soon as I can. I know we’re nearing the first ever Movies Champion, after all.

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