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[9/30/19] – The First Month of Mashers Club

Today celebrates Mashers Clubs’ first month!

I almost didn’t have a chance to write this article (designating it for tomorrow, instead), because I had spent most the weekend a couple hours away from home attending the 2019 Saluki Comic Con. I was a vendor, alongside my brother Scott Moore and fiancee Beccah, selling copies of The Canes series, Katalene the HollowThe Red Flux, and The Wardens, respectively (Scott’s second solo-outing Uprising will see release later this year). All of us enjoyed ourselves and hope the same can be said for those who attended. Seeing all the attention to my novels (including a young woman who literally shrugged her shoulders and walked away after I told her about Katalene the Hollow. Haha.) made me more driven than ever to work toward opening the “other half” of Mashers Club. I want Mashers Club to be a destination for all my writings and I want it to be celebratory, enthusiastic, and fun. That said, I also want to do it the best way I can. My original plan was to kick it off with the new year, but I’d be very happy if I could have everything done (and done right) for Halloween. Plans, plans, plans!

The month’s culmination saw my 29th review on Mashers Club, the premiere of my newest weekly series of reviews (Full Moon Magic Mondays!) with Head of the Family. I wanted to do something where I could go back and look at all the classic Full Moon movies. The intent’s not to harp on their worst films (although, I may do that from time to time), but to celebrate their best ideas. Head of the Family is Week 1 of 25 for Full Moon Features.

I also debuted Taking a Stab Tuesdays! and will celebrate its fourth edition tomorrow. I think it will be a more permanent fixture on Mashers Club, unlike the others.

I had the second edition of Foreign Film Thursdays with a double-feature last week (sharing my thoughts on Tokyo Ghoul and Fullmetal Alchemist), I can see this series advancing beyond the 25 review rule as well, since I have such a wide array of choices.

Unfortunately, one series I will be pausing for now is Monster Movie Wednesday (which had its second edition with Godzilla: King of the Monsters), a calculative measure that I make with some disappointment. Basically, my options for reviews are, at best, a piecemeal (less I decide to find streams for them, and I’d prefer to watch them in the best quality possible and the best way).  I want to wait until I can find a way to appropriately watch them and, right now, (I’ll be moving into a new house – my first house – soon) I can’t do that.

I intend to begin Superhero Saturdays in early October.

I began adding reviews from my archives – this includes a German film (Perfume: Story of a Murderer), a superhero movie (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), a monster movie (Godzilla), two South Korean films (I Saw the Devil, Oldboy), a Spanish film (The Skin I Live In), a Hong Kong film (Mad Detective), and a Swedish film (Let the Right One In). I don’t mean to break them down to solely where they originate, but, as you can see, the decision was in-part done to bring variation to The List. I hope to revisit some of them, in-particular, Oldboy and I Saw the Devil. They’re the ones who’re most likely to play a part in The Road to a Champion. I also added a review I hadn’t known existed – it was a review from 2013 I uncovered on an old message board I used to frequent (Boy Wonder). I’ll also need to revisit that film.

Out of respect for The List, I will not include them in the rankings until after they’ve been revisited and re-reviewed. This means How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World remains the interim champion. Only 21 reviews remain until we crown our official Champion!

I intend to reorganize the Movie and Video-Game pages to make them more definitive in each genre’s category and to keep things from becoming clouded.

The Road to a Champion


  1. How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World (1 – Animation)
  2. Us (1 – Horror)
  3. Alita: Battle Angel (1 – Anime Adaptation)
  4. Lego Movie 2: The Second Part (2 – Animation)
  5. It Chapter Two (2 – Horror)
  6. Let the Right One In (3 – Horror, 1 – Romance)
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (1 – Superhero)
  8. Batman vs. TMNT (3/2 – Animation/Superhero)
  9. Toy Story 4 (4 – Animation)
  10. Kong: Skull Island (1 – Giant Monster Movie)

outliers: – I Saw the Devil, Oldboy, Boy Wonder

Gaming was quieter for the last couple weeks. Although, I did write and publish a review of A Way Out, a local co-op I had a lot of fun with. I haven’t added any reviews from the Archive yet, but I’ll need to do that in the proceeding weeks. I’m also finishing up my play-through of Gears 5 and my replay of Blair Witch, so I’ll definitely have those reviews out sometime in October.

The Road to a Champion


  1. Nier: Automata (1 – Action RPG)
  2. Spider-Man (1 – Superhero)
  3. Bloodborne (2 – Action RPG)
  4. A Way Out (1 – Action-Adventure)
  5. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (1 – Platformer, 2 – Action Adventure)
  6. Gears of War 4 (1 – Third-Person Shooter)
  7. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (1 – Turn-Based RPG)
  8. Ashen (3 – Action RPG)
  9. Crackdown 3 (1 – Action)

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